Letters of Support!

Our Dronley Community Woodland acquisition is moving ahead fast and attracting very favourable comment.  Here are some of the letters of support we have received, all showing a real enthusiasm for our project.

Graeme Dey, MSP South Angus 13 November 2017 wrote:
“I want to welcome the efforts of Dronley Community Woodland to secure Dronley Wood under Community Asset Transfer. As the depute convener of the RACCE Committee in the last parliament I played a part in developing the Community Empowerment and Land Reform Acts.  I did so, excited at the prospect of what such legislation could do for community ownership.
“As the MSP for Angus South I am similarly excited to see this proposal now come forward, seeking to take advantage of the legislation around community ownership, within my own constituency. And as the convener of the ECCLR Committee I of course take particular interest in the aspiration of the SCIOP to advance “environmental protection and improvement.’’ This is a wonderful project and I look forward to seeing it come to fruition.”

Councillor Beth Whiteside, Angus Council Ward 4 Monifieth & Sidlaw 8 November 2017 wrote;
“I am delighted to add my support for the proposed Community Asset Transfer of Dronley Wood. It’s a great opportunity and an ambitious project, but I was really impressed with the enthusiasm for the project which I witnessed at the recent Community Council meeting. There is already a wealth of ideas for the future of the woods and a real desire to take the project forward. Who better to make decisions about the local area than those who live there? I wish the project every success and look forward to seeing it progress for the benefit of everyone in the community. Good luck!”

Councillor Sheila Hands, Angus Council Ward 4 Monifieth & Sidlaw 15 November 2017 wrote:
“As a Local Elected Member, I would be delighted to endorse the Dronley Community Wood Group’s efforts in their application for a community asset transfer of the woods from the Forestry Commission. This is a valued local wood with a huge potential to support future educational activities or sustainable environmental projects, eco-friendly tourism activities in addition to remaining a much-valued community resource. I am happy to support the proposed CAT and the efforts of the DWC Group to secure community use for the future. It would be a tragedy to lose such an asset to
private ownership and potential commercialisation.

Councillor Ben Lawrie Angus Council Ward 4 Monifieth & Sidlaw, 22 November 2017 wrote:
“I’m fully supportive of the Auchterhouse community’s buy out of Dronley Wood.”

Carol Evans Director (Scotland) Woodland Trust, wrote
“The Woodland Trust welcome the efforts of Dronley Community Woodland to secure Dronley Wood under the Community Asset Transfer scheme and to develop a sustainable native woodland legacy.
“The Woodland Trust have a site nearby at Backmuir Woods and we would be pleased to enter into a dialogue with DCW about future help and advice the Woodland Trust might be able to provide, especially on native woodland creation and biodiversity enhancement. We wish you every success with the acquisition and look forward to hearing from you.”